Sunday, February 13, 2011

Text knode: Physics Quora Answers as of 20110211

Text knode: Physics Quora Answers as of 20110211: "We happen to be trapped in the third dimension and we experience time and so if we think of time linearly we can interpret it as the fourth dimension. In F theory which is twelve dimensional and is one dimension higher than M theory, there are two orthogonal timelines so we can think of the fifth dimension in terms of time as the place of the orthogonal timeline to the one we are on which would contain the multiverse if it is temporal rather than spatial. The most interesting dimension beyond what is schematizable is the twelfth dimension where F theory appears beyond M theory, where there are two orthogonal time lines. My General Schemas Theory proposes a relation between schemas and dimensions such that there are two schemas per dimension and two dimensions per schema. Seems in the fourteenth dimension there are three orthogonal time lines, and I have not found reference to it but I am betting that there are four orthogonal time lines in the sixteenth dimension."