Sunday, February 13, 2011

Text knode: Miscellaneous Quora Answers as of 20110211

Text knode: Miscellaneous Quora Answers as of 20110211: "One thing I have done is to ask a question and then give my answer to that question, then leaving it to see if there are any other answers to that question. Also we could in the explanation of the questions try to explain the motivations for the question that stem from the problematic and also connect the question back to the tradition, as a starting context for answering the question. My answer is that System of Systems is merely a recursion of the System Schema and must be distinguished from the inverse dual of the System which I call the Meta-system (or Open-Scape) which is the environment, ecology, context, medium, etc. of the System, i.e. its inverse dual. Thus what is between the System and the System of Systems (Super-system) is the meta-system that allows the System to be part of the Super-system. I would like to introduce the idea of General Schemas Theory, which is the next level of abstraction up from General Systems Theory and covers other schemas besides systems such as form, pattern, domain and world."