Sunday, February 13, 2011

Text knode: Buddhism Quora Answers as of 20110211 x

Text knode: Buddhism Quora Answers as of 20110211: "Once we understand that the idea of consciousness is bound up with the idea of Being and that Being is the basis of a prior projection, i.e. illusion and delusion then we can start wondering about the relation between consciousness and awareness of Existence which must be the ground of the projection mechanism of Being. So I hope this helps put into perspective the relations between awareness, consciousness, and memory as it is seen in phenomenology and how that phenomenology gives us access to understanding the nature of Buddhism as a way of getting back to Existence from the projections on it of Being. But this fact that enlightenment does not exist as something different from consciousness is precisely the bridge to the nondual of emptiness because it says ultimately that no goal exists, and everything in consciousness is empty like the goal of enlightenment, and thus enlightenment in the Buddhist sense is just this realization that just like enlightenment everything in consciousness is empty. But in general you cannot talk about one aspect without implying the other aspects at the same time because they are all co-related to each other intrinsically because they are part of both Being and Existence and are thus more fundamental than either of those standings. But that existence is not like the existence of things, because Dasein is an ecstatic projection of existence that brings the world into being."