Sunday, February 13, 2011

Text knode: Philosophy Quora Answers as of 20110211

Text knode: Philosophy Quora Answers as of 20110211: "For Heidegger Being is 'No Thing' which means the same as ontological difference between Being and the ontic beings, because Being itself is no specific thing, but a generalization of all things that stands independently from the things. This is a long story, but to try to put it as concisely, when Husserl distinguished Ideas from Essences he basically inaugurated the search for the various kinds of Being because Heidegger took up this distinction and said that Dasein had two modalities of Being present-at-hand (Pure Being) and ready-to-hand (Process Being). Thus first you have Ontological difference between Being and beings, then at the first meta-level you have Pure Being which is the kind of being that Parmenides talks about. Thus he is in my opinion the true successor to Merleau-Ponty who identified Wild Being as a possibility, which is the dual and next level up from Hyper Being (the hyper dialectic between Process Being of Heidegger and Nothingness of Sartre) which Derrida called Differance and Heidegger called Being crossed out. So Deleuze's philosophy tends to be quite nihilistic, even more so than Derrida, and that is because Deleuze has gone on to the Wild Being meta-level of Being from the Hyper Being level and so there is an intensification of Being."