Monday, February 7, 2011

Beginning on Quora

I have been using Quora for about a week now. So I thought I would record my impressions here. First I like the lay out and the usability of the site a lot. It seems to answer to the need to have well formulated questions that might appear in Google searches. And one would get a variety of answers to that question that seem to me would be pretty high quality from what I have seen.

What I don't like are the questions. I tried to explain in some of my posts that questions have to be motivated by a problematic, and they have to be seen in relation to the cutting edge of the tradition, and they have to be seen to exemplify a perspective. Thus if you get questions out of the blue then there is no way to know how to interpet them. And so this is the biggest weakness of Quora, they do not connect to problematics, and there is no place to put background information. So I tend to write much longer posts than most do because I try to supply some of this missing information to make the answer meaningful by trying to give some context in my answers.

So far my interaction with the community there has been very positive.